About Us

Emily, Eva and Jillian Tango LilliesEMPRESS Stiltdance is an international performance company  specialising in colourful and elegant stiltwalking acts.

Learning how to stiltwalk in New Zealand in her early twenties, Emily moved to Europe in 1995. Starting out a a solo performer she discovered an inspiring field of visual performance artists on the European circuit.  Emily was promoted  by the Amsterdam based Stef Arntz Street Theatre agency, and created acts for a growing range of  festivals in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Within the first three years she had gone from a solo performer to artistic director of a small company. The elegant and feminine EMPRESS Stiltdance acts were so popular that Stef Arntz promoted them for 15 years.

The Empress Holland team continued to grow, while Emily went home and set up a new branch in Wellington, NZ and worked with Jodie Foreman to set up Empress Melbourne. All three branches ran concurrently for a number of years.

Overall EMPRESS has now performed in more than 20 different countries and worked with more than 70 performers worldwide.

The company includes a wide range of dance, circus and theatre professionals including choreographers, costmier’s, acrobats, aerialists, visual artists, managers, promotors, singers, scientists, yogi’s, independent artists and a composer. All together we combine our skills to give the EMPRESS acts a unique and joyful quality.

With home base currently in Sydney, and Melbourne Australia, EMPRESS also performs regularly in Asia presenting a range of acts to over 100 events per year. Highly skilled and professional Empress continues to delight audiences with their magical performances. A huge “Thank You” goes out to all those who are, have been and will be, a part of Empress Stiltdance. You know who you are! It has been an incredible journey so far and continues to grow in colour, delight and Love. May you always thrive.  

“They were Fantastic! Everyone loved them! Book us in for next year!” Emily Charles, Hamilton City council. New Zealand.