• BUZ at Sky City Casino Auckland
  • Empress BUZ show Flowers Decor and roving Mantis
  • Bug and Bumble Bee in the vines
  • Bug in the vines
  • Roving Mantis
  • Roving Flower
  • Flower in Buzz show
  • Mr Bumble
  • Roving Mantis
  • Empress BUZ show Flowers Decor and roving Mantis
  • Empress BUZ show Flowers Decor
  • BUZ show Flowers Decor
  • Empress BUZ show Flowers Decor and roving Mantis

Gorgeous hanging flower & vine decor fill the air with colour, like an exotic tropical hothouse. The fantasy jungle is inhabited by roving stiltwalkers and aerial artists. They play out the story of ‘a day-in-the-life-of a Bumble-Bee’, as they climb up and down the flower stalks of the giant sized garden.

Breathtaking in its scale BUZZ is a visually rich show that appeals to all cultures and all ages.


Length: 20 minutes. Can also have a 5 minute photo opportunity at the end.

Performers: 3 performers in the show. Also can have any number of roving stilt characters to support a full daytime program.

Area: Circular flat ground area of approx 6m (wide) x 6m (deep).

Height needed: 15m.

Soundsystem: PA and a sound desk operator.

Off Stage: 1 – 2 entrance / exit areas for the performers and accessible backstage area beside or behind performance zone.

Backstage: Private change area for cast. Does not have to be the same as the off-stage area, but needs to be close by.


Rigging Points: 2 x rigging points tested to carry one tonne.

Flowers and tissues: Take approx. 1-2 days to hang, depending on the scope of the venue. Can have any scale of decor.

Height: Height access equipment.

Multiple rigging points: For flower installation hanging. These do not have to be rated to carry One Tonne.

Rehearsals: One dress/tech rehearsal must be held on the aerial equipment the day before the opening of the show season.